Herb Gardens

I love being able to use fresh ingredients, especially from my mini herb garden at home. People often underestimate how easy it is to create one!  I have listed some ideas and tips below that should spark an interest with anyone wanting to start an herb garden of their own. All the photos have a link that will direct you to the source of the photo and more information on that idea!

An herb garden is generally low maintenance and easy to maintain. It also requires little space. Below are some ideas of how you can build an herb garden of your own:

This is an example of a tiered herb garden you can make with a few basic tools and a couple pieces of wood. This idea takes up little space but has the potential to produce a ton of herbs. easy tiered planter from cedar fence pickets really simple build plans by ana-white.com:

Another simple way you can create an herb garden is by planting your herbs in mason jars. This idea is clean and does not require much space at all! An example of how to make your tabletop garden can be seen here:

Your backyard might be out of commission until next spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fresh greenery during these colder months. Breathe some life into your space with lush indoor plant ideas.:

Here are a few other ideas that may help inspire the creation of your own herb garden:

Build a Tiered Herb Garden in Galvanized Tubs: Buckets on Hooks, I want to use this outdoor as planters on my fence!: 10 Tiny Herb Garden Ideas That Will Fit in Any Apartment via Brit + Co.:

After you have built your herb garden or found a designated a space, then you can decide what you would like to plant! You can plant any herb you would like, I would suggest however growing herbs you enjoy. Some of the more common herbs planted are basil, dill, cilantro, chamomile, mint, lavender, oregano, thyme, parsley. You can make all sorts of varying cuisines using different herbs!

You can also mark your herbs easily with some of the suggestions below. For example stones, wooden spoons, or wine corks.

How do you identify your plants in the garden after you have planted the seed? I usually use Garden Markers to help me to know what plants are what.: for the garden!: Wooden spoon garden markers:

Once your herbs have grown you can easily find many uses for them in different dishes and drinks. If you end up with an abundance of herbs you can place them in ice cube trays with various oils and keep in your freezer to use at a later date! The oil prevents the herbs from browning and/ or freezer burn. I have posted the link below for full directions. The photo below is courtesy of Faith Durand.

The Kitchen- Freezing Herbs

You can make herb butters as well! I have made herb butters in the past and they’re delicious. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the taste of herbs. It adds great flavor to various dishes, and also does great in the freezer if you can’t find an immediate use for it all.

Homemade Herb Butters | inspiredbycharm.com:

Homemade Herb Butter Recipes

Growing an herb garden is easy and does not require much time at all! I thoroughly enjoy using herbs from my own garden when I cook and I think you will too! Try starting your own herb garden today, you to may enjoy the benefits of producing your own herbs! Growing an herb garden is so easy even a dog can do it ;).


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